Alexandra V. Tseitlin has dedicated her career to fighting for the rights of immigrants living in New York. She understands the nuances of immigration law and leverages her extensive experience when she represents her clients. Thanks to her many successful cases, Ms. Tseitlin has become a leader in immigration law.

If you are concerned about your ability to continue working, studying, or living in the United States, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with Ms. Tseitlin today. She will take the time to understand the details of your case and ensure you have the best chance at achieving a positive outcome to your immigration matter.

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Our clients include corporations, partnerships, families and individuals. We represent healthcare workers, computer professionals, architects, athletes, artists, engineers, accountants, other professionals, and also hardworking skilled and unskilled workers. Our clients work hard and contribute to the United States economy in a positive way. We fight for them to stay and work by filing with, and getting approvals from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and by appealing to the Board of Immigration Appeals and Federal Courts.

We are prompt, responsive and efficient. We listen to your concerns. We understand your needs. You can trust our legal expertise and almost three decades of experience. You can rely on our knowledgeable opinion, thorough investigation and preparation, creative legal strategies, integrity, reputation in legal community and affective communication. We offer competitive rates.

Our Immigration Services Include:

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