We have comprehensive expertise in criminal law. Our combined expertise in immigration and criminal law is critical in formulating winning strategies when it comes to protecting our client’s rights. Our law firm represents clients faced with the potential of removal (deportation) on any of the following grounds:

  • Expired tourist, student or employment visa
  • Failure to meet a deadline for a visa application or renewal
  • Unlawful entry or re-entry
  • Criminal arrest or conviction in the United States
  • Criminal arrest or conviction after obtaining temporary or permanent residence in the U.S.
  • Violation of legal immigration status

If you are facing deportation or removal proceedings, you need an experienced lawyer with combined expertise in criminal and immigration law to protect your rights.

If your permanent residency status is at stake, and you face deportation or removal, you need a seasoned attorney who understands the law and the process — one who has successfully defended others in deportation or removal proceedings.

We have over three decades of experience successfully defending clients in deportation and removal proceedings and provide comprehensive counsel to clients who are facing deportation or removal proceedings. Deportation and removal proceedings often follow arrest and criminal conviction. We offer practical solutions and winning strategies to resolve your case.

What Our Clients Says

When my brother needed an immigration lawyer, I went to the NYC law offices of Alexandra Tseitlin. In a matter of the dat she was able to get the proceedings against him to stop. He was in the county leagally and she easily convinced the INS of that fact. Without her services I hate to think what the results may have been.

-Marcello Griffty

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