I was an average human living but I was missing one thing from my life and that was my passport. I was thankful to have a brother in law who wanted to help me get my passport after my father passed away. We decided to look around in Manhattan for a lawyer  and ask our friends. A lot of our friends directed us to Alexandra. They told us so many great things about her and how they were very happy clients. We decided to give it a shot. We had our first meeting with Alexandra at her office in Manhattan. She sat us down and we explained our situation to her. She assured us that she would do everything she could to help me get my passport. Alexandra decided on a plan of action. She helped us fill out forms and provide the proof we needed to proof that my dad was a citizen of the USA for over 5 years. She even went with us to the post office to drop our application. After we mailed it, we received letters from the New Orleans Passport Agency asking for more proof. At this point I was starting to think I’d never get my passport. However, Alexandra explained to me that it was nothing to worry about and that all we needed to do is send in more documents. We looked all over the place for more proof and gave it to Alexandra. She wrote a letter to the Passport Agency explaining certain circumstances. Alexandra then mailed it out to them along with the documents. We hadn’t heard anything in awhile and so she said to give them more time. A month passed by and I received a package. I turned out to be my passport. I was very happy. All of this would not possible without a great lawyer like Alexandra. If you need a lawyer, I recommend her all the way.

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