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E-1 Visa Lawyers for Treaty Trader

E-1 Visa - Treaty Trader

Welcome to Tseitlin Law Firm P.C., Your E-1 Visa Experts

For over thirty-five years, Tseitlin Law Firm P.C. has navigated the intricacies of Immigration Law. We're here to guide you through the E-1 Visa process, working alongside you every step of the way as you aim to carry out substantial trade within the United States.

Understanding the E-1 Treaty Trader Visa

An E-1 Treaty Trader Visa is designed for business persons from countries that maintain a trade treaty with the United States. This visa facilitates your international trading activities within the U.S., given your plan to conduct significant trade activities or represent an organization that does so.

Qualifying for an E-1 Treaty Trader Visa

To qualify, over 50% of your international trade must be with the United States.  'Trade' is defined as a continuous flow of transactions between the U.S. and the treaty country, with an income that can support you and your family.

What Documentation is Required?

Evidence of trade can include customer receipts, letters of credit, insurance papers, purchase orders, and sales contracts. We'll help you identify and organize the necessary documentation.

Why Choose Tseitlin Law Firm P.C.?

We take an individualized and comprehensive approach to your E-1 Visa application, focusing on thorough preparation and personalized attention. Your professional goals and personal circumstances shape our strategy, ensuring a smooth and successful process.

Take the Next Step

Your international trade aspirations are within reach. Contact Tseitlin Law Firm today for a detailed consultation on the E-1 Treaty Trader Visa process. Trust in our skill and commitment to pave the way to your trading success.

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