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Lawyer for Green Card Based on Marriage

Green Card Based on Marriage, Family Relationship and Employment

Understanding Marriage-Based Green Card

If you are married or plan to get married to a United States Citizen or lawful permanent resident, we can assist you in the process of applying for your green card. We will help you collect your documents, draft and file the forms and prepare you for your joint interview, when such an interview is required. If you are married less than two years at the time the USCIS adjudicates your application, you will receive a Conditional Green Card. A conditional Green Card is a temporary, two-year residency granted to certain family-based immigrant visa holders. After two years, within the 90-day period before the expiration of the card, an application to remove conditions must be filed to become a lawful permanent resident.

Requirements for a Marriage-Based Green Card

To qualify, the marriage must be legally valid, not solely for obtaining an immigration benefit. The U.S. citizen or permanent resident spouse must also meet income requirements to show they can support their foreign spouse and file an Affidavit of Support.

What Documentation is Required?

Key documents include a marriage certificate, birth certificates, proof of the sponsoring spouse's U.S. citizenship or permanent residency, proof of termination of any prior marriages, and evidence to demonstrate a genuine marriage.

Understanding Green Card Affidavit of Support

A Green Card Affidavit of Support, known as Form I-864, is a legally enforceable document wherein a sponsor commits to financially support a Green Card applicant, if they are unable to support themselves. This document is a crucial part of most marriage and family-based Green Card applications.

Who Needs to File it?

Most family-based immigrants and some employment-based immigrants need a sponsor to complete and sign the Affidavit of Support. The sponsor must be a U.S. citizen, U.S. national, or lawful permanent resident and must be at least 18 years old.

What Documentation is Required?

Documents typically required include the sponsor's federal tax returns, job letter, pay stubs, proof of U.S. domicile, and more.

Understanding Work & Travel Authorization

Work and Travel Authorization is crucial for non-U.S. citizens living temporarily in the United States who wish to work or travel internationally. It allows foreign nationals to work legally and return to the U.S. without jeopardizing their current immigration status.

Requirements for Work & Travel Authorization

Applicants must hold a valid immigration status that allows work authorization or an adjustment of status. As for travel authorization, it’s necessary for those seeking to leave and reenter the U.S. without affecting their current status.

What Documentation is Required?

Key documents include proof of your current immigration status, your reason for travel, and employment details if seeking work authorization. Precise documentation requirements vary based on individual circumstances.

Removing Conditions on Your Green Card

The process involves filing a petition to remove conditions during the 90-day period before your conditional green card expires. For marriage-based green cards, you and your spouse must apply together, but there are exceptions (waivers) under certain circumstances.

What Documentation is Required?

Documentation required to support your petition to remove conditions on your residency typically includes evidence supporting the good faith nature of your marriage, such as joint leases, bank accounts, utility statements, insurance, credit card statements, photos, letters from family and friends and others.

Why Choose Tseitlin Law Firm P.C.?

At Tseitlin Law Firm P.C., we understand that each marriage has its own unique history. We help you craft a compelling narrative and gather persuasive evidence, preparing your application meticulously to help bring your loved one to the U.S.

Take the Next Step

Join your life with your loved one's in the United States. Contact Tseitlin Law Firm P.C. today for a comprehensive consultation about the Marriage-Based Green Card process. With our extensive knowledge, detailed-oriented approach, and personalized strategy, we strive to make your journey to residency a triumphant one.

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