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Lawyer for PERM Labor Certification

PERM Labor Certification

Welcome to Tseitlin Law Firm P.C.,  Your PERM Labor Certification Experts

With over forty-five years of experience in Immigration Law, Tseitlin Law Firm P.C. stands ready to guide you through the PERM Labor Certification process. Our expertise can streamline your path to obtaining a green card through employment.

Understanding PERM Labor Certification

PERM (Program Electronic Review Management) Labor Certification is the initial step in the green card process for foreign laborers. The Department of Labor (DOL) needs to certify that there are not sufficient U.S. workers who are able, willing, qualified, and available to do the job for which an immigrant is being hired and that hiring the immigrant will not adversely affect the wages and working conditions of U.S. workers.

Qualifying for PERM Labor Certification

To qualify, your employer must go through a recruitment process demonstrating they have made reasonable efforts to hire U.S. workers for the position. The job requirements must also align with what is typically required for your occupation.

What Documentation is Required?

Documentation needed includes evidence of recruitment efforts, prevailing wage determination, and job order information. We'll guide you in identifying and organizing the necessary documents to make your case compelling.

Why Choose Tseitlin Law Firm P.C.?

At Tseitlin Law Firm P.C., we're committed to simplifying the PERM Labor Certification process for you and your employer. We offer meticulous preparation and personalized attention, navigating each step with a focus on your employment goals.

Take the Next Step

Accelerate your journey to becoming a green card holder. Reach out to Tseitlin Law Firm P.C. today to start a thorough discussion about the PERM Labor Certification process. Trust in our expertise and commitment to facilitate your successful journey in the United States.

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