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Immigration Lawyers New York

Immigration Law Practice

NYC Immigration Lawyer

Our clients include corporations, partnerships, families and individuals. We represent healthcare workers, computer professionals, architects, athletes, artists, engineers, accountants, other professionals, and also hardworking skilled and unskilled workers. Our clients work hard and contribute to the United States economy in a positive way. We fight for them to stay and work by filing with, and getting approvals from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and by appealing to the Board of Immigration Appeals and Federal Courts.

We are prompt, responsive and efficient. We listen to your concerns. We understand your needs. You can trust our legal expertise and almost three decades of experience. You can rely on our knowledgeable opinion, thorough investigation and preparation, creative legal strategies, integrity, reputation in legal community and affective communication. We offer competitive rates.

Immigration Appeals in Federal Courts

We specialize in immigration appeals, assisting those facing unjust denials by Immigration Judges or the Board of Immigration Appeals. Our expertise spans various scenarios, including citizenship and naturalization application refusals. Our strategy involves introducing evidence, challenging initial denials, and identifying errors. Whether it's removal, deportation, exclusion, or application rejection, we guide you through appeals comprehensively.

Employment Immigration

We're dedicated to securing diverse employment visas for clients. Our expertise shows in crafting petitions, affidavits, and documents for exceptional ability and employment-based cases. With a proven record, we've obtained PERM Labor Certifications and third preference employment-based visa approvals from the U.S. Department of Labor.

Family Immigration

Family-based immigration laws are complex; a small mistake can cost time and money. Our wide-ranging expertise offers creative solutions, including petitions for spouses, children, parents, siblings, and fiancés. We manage form drafting, USCIS interview readiness, and case updates, ensuring efficient filing processing.

Deportation Defense

Combining criminal and immigration law expertise, our firm develops winning strategies to safeguard client rights. We handle deportation cases involving various issues, from visa expirations to criminal convictions. Our attorneys offer essential dual-domain knowledge to protect residency status and provide effective defense in deportation cases tied to criminal matters, offering practical solutions and successful strategies.

Temporary Protected Status

Seeking to provide safety for Ukrainians amid their country's distressing circumstances, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has granted Temporary Protected Status (TPS) to Ukraine for 18 months. If you or someone you know from Ukraine requires Temporary Protected Status or aims to pursue asylum, consulting a reliable and knowledgeable immigration attorney is crucial.

Citizenship & Naturalization

Citizenship and Naturalization represent the legal avenues through which foreign-born individuals can achieve U.S. citizenship. Naturalization, a voluntary process, grants U.S. citizenship to those not born in the U.S., involving a well-defined sequence of procedural steps leading to their integration into the nation's citizenry.

New York Immigration Lawyers

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