We fearlessly and tirelessly defend our clients against criminal charges in Federal and State Courts. Beginning with the investigative stage of a case, we focus on gathering the facts and analyzing evidence with the aim of preventing indictments. At this stage our goal is to convince prosecutors that no legal basis exists to initiate a criminal prosecution. We protect our clients’ rights when they are called to testify or choose to testify as witnesses on their own behalf before the grand jury. We vigorously defend clients’ rights in court. We fight the charges armed with winning legal strategies and challenge the government’s evidence at trial. We fight for our clients at trial, negotiate favorable plea agreements, when appropriate, and have had outstanding success in mitigating the penalties at sentencing. We often convince prosecutors that no indictment or civil charges should be brought against our clients, or obtain favorable dispositions for our clients without a trial.

In our federal and state criminal practice, we handled hundreds of cases representing a wide range of criminal cases including Medicaid fraud, financial fraud, violent crimes, driving while intoxicated, and drug and weapons conspiracies. Ms. Tseitlin has represented hundreds of individuals charged with New York state felonies and misdemeanors during her career. She has successfully negotiated scores of pre-trial dispositions and has won full acquittals at trials for her clients. Ms. Tseitlin is passionate about defending her clients and focused on getting the best results for them.

Selective current and recent federal and state court criminal representations include:

  • Acquittal in attempted murder charge
  • Acquittal in drug possession felony charges
  • Arranged for a client to enter a drug treatment program right before a jury selection were to begin at trial with a promise of dismissal upon completion of the program
  • Negotiated a misdemeanor plea deal for a client facing felony sexual abuse charge after the completion of the prosecution’s case at trial
  • Obtained dismissal of felony charges in the Grand Jury after client testified
  • Convinced a judge to impose a minimum sentence after a conviction in a burglary case
  • Working with another attorney, convinced prosecutors to offer a favorable plea deal, which resulted in a sentence of probation, for a physician charged with insurance fraud scheme
  • Obtained a substantially reduced sentenced for a case worker charged with mail fraud
  • Obtained a substantially reduced sentence for an acupuncturist charged with insurance fraud
  • Representing clients in several large conspiracies involving narcotics and firearms use possession

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